10 Useful playgrounds for a web developer

Want to test stuff online? The playground can be your good friend.
Aug 23 2022 · 3 min read

Ever face a situation when you want to execute some code, but don’t want to create a new project or sometimes don’t want to set up the environment?

Relax, it’s a normal thing almost every developer feels at the moment.

We will look over some online playgrounds, using which you can consistently execute the code without worrying about setup. It can be easily saved and shared with other developers even!


  1. DB fiddle — for Mysql and PostgreSQL
  2. Mongo playground— for MongoDB
  3. Go playground — for Golang
  4. Codepen — for HTML, CSS, and js
  5. Tailwind Play — for tailwind CSS
  6. Tutorials point — for python
  7. Online PHP — for PHP
  8. Playcode.io — for HTML, CSS, js, and all-purpose playground including frameworks
  9. CodeSandbox — for HTML, CSS, js, and all-purpose playground including frameworks
  10. Font playground — For trying various font styles

1. DB fiddle

It provides an interactive UI for running SQL queries like Mysql and PostgreSQL.

The key benefit of using it is you can execute queries using different versions of Mysql, without adding effort to install multiple versions.

For example, you want to test the MySQL query in MySQL 5 and in MySQL 8 as well. DB fiddle facilitates us to switch between the versions.

It comes with features like,

  • To save and share with others
  • To switch between different versions of MySQL
  • To collaborate with others
  • Allows to update schema and queries
DB fiddle with MySQL

Sample link — https://www.db-fiddle.com/f/68EMwT1ypZ95zQpZ6GXDmf/6

2. Mongo playground

A playground for running MongoDB queries.

It also allows us,

  • To update the collection
  • Formatting the collection
  • Sharing with others
  • Browses the docs alongside the code
MongoDB playground

Sample link — https://mongoplayground.net/p/HRJD2vhlYbY

3. Go Playground

It allows you to write and execute Go programs when you want to test something before actual implementation.

It provides functionalities like,

  • To use the specific go version(1.18 or 1.19)
  • To format the code
  • To share it with others
  • Provides default implemented programs like Hello world, a program to print the Fibonacci series, etc which can be helpful for beginners.
  • Include some tabs like Go packages, docs, blogs, why to choose Golang, etc.
Go playground

Sample link — https://go.dev/play/

4. Codepen

Codepen is the most loved online playground for creating a full web page or HTML, CSS, and js separately.

It also liberates the following functionalities in the settings tab,


  • To choose between different HTML preprocessors like Markdown, Pug, etc
  • To add header stuff inside <HEAD></HEAD>
HTML configuration page


  • To change CSS preprocessors like Less, SCSS, Sass, and PostCSS
  • To include external stylesheets
  • To add CSS vendor prefixes like -webkit- or -moz-, when you want to try some non-official CSS properties.
CSS configuration page


  • To select JS preprocessors like typescript, CoffeeScript, Babel, etc
  • To include external scripts, pens, and npm packages
JS configuration page

Sample link — https://codepen.io/tunk/pen/nrXmNJ

5. Tailwind play

It allows playing with tailwind CSS along with the options like

  • Tailwind version selection
  • Editing default tailwind CSS classes like base, apply, and utilities
  • Tailwind theme and plugins customization
  • Option to check the responsiveness of the designed page
  • Shows generated(compile) CSS from tailwind CSS
  • Allows sharing with others
Sample tailwind CSS playground

Sample link — https://play.tailwindcss.com/IU44IlYAxk

6. Tutorials point

It compiles and executes the python code along with the following

  • Allows to save and share the code with others
  • To format/beautify the code
  • To customize the online editor with the options like theme switching (between light and dark), updating font size, updating tab size, etc.
Tutorialspoint playground for python

Sample link — http://tpcg.io/_25J3AI

7. Online PHP

It permits us to write and execute PHP code, along with extra useful options like,

  • To execute code in a specific PHP version
  • To change the editor theme
  • To save and share code with others
  • To update font family and size
  • To choose what type of error, or warning that you want to log during execution
PHP configuration section

Sample link — https://onlinephp.io/c/44dcf

8. Playcode.io

It comes all in one package, not limited only to core languages.
Playcode.io also provides support for writing and executing the code in a framework like Vue.js, React.js, Svelte, Bootstrap, etc.

It provides similar features to other playgrounds like,

  • Create and run projects in various technologies
  • Save and share it with others
  • Also to download it, so that it can be run later offline
Vue.js configuration with playcode.io

Sample link — https://playcode.io/945443

9. CodeSandBox

It provides almost all the frameworks, with a built-in environment.

Along with allowance for,

  • Save and share with others
  • Fork sandbox to Github(link Github)
  • Configure linting and formatting options
  • To organize live coding sessions
Vue.js configuration with CodeSandbox

Sample link — https://codesandbox.io/s/vigorous-goldwasser-i1e1ts?file=/src/main.js

10. Font playground

It’s a playground that allows you to play with different fonts and change font styles like,

  • Font family
  • Font size
  • Font weight

Also, it shows code for whichever effects you have applied and facilitates exporting it to your favorite online playgrounds like Codepen!

Font playground

Sample link — https://play.typedetail.com/

Closing Thoughts

We don’t always need to configure an environment for executing the code of different languages or frameworks. The online playground can be the best workaround!

Almost all tech-savvy people are using it for demonstrating something, that is not so long and just for demo purposes(you had definitely found playground links on StackOverflow and also in developer communities 😄).

keep playing with playgrounds!!

nidhi-d image
Nidhi Davra
Web developer@canopas | Gravitated towards Web | Eager to assist

nidhi-d image
Nidhi Davra
Web developer@canopas | Gravitated towards Web | Eager to assist


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