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bring their ideas to life.
Do you have a massive ad budget for your business?
Unless you’re a Multimillion or a Billion-dollar company, you probably don’t have a multimillion-dollar ad budget or professional Spinners.

Your product needs to stand out on its own merits like App Quality, Performance, UI design, and User Experience.
Most companies don't care about you, your product, and your vision or dreams. They don't give a damn about whether their work helped you to get more business, revenue, users, or solving a problem.

That's where CANOPAS comes into the picture.

We help Entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies to bring their IDEA to LIFE by developing digital products for their business.

We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR 14 DAYS if you don't like our work. No questions asked.
Luxe Radio, the radio of taste, elegance, and refinement, intends to be the showcase of excellence and the best of Moroccan and international creation.
Togness is a photo editor and slideshow maker app for your life's most memorable events like weddings, pets, friends & family, and memorials, etc.
Justly is a start-up with a strong vision for overcoming loneliness, depression, and mental health-related issues for humanity.
Smile+ app is designed for dentists to create a perfect smile for their patients. Using the Smile+ app, dentists can get their patients the best smile simulation in a minute, automated with AI.
What's more painful than hiring a developer or team who misunderstands every little thing about your project?
THREE REASONS WHY You can’t afford to outsource your project to someone who struggles to understand you and your business.
  • You might end up wasting your precious resources like Time, Money, and Energy.
  • Your final product might have issues like bad quality, poor performance, awful design, and sometimes you won’t receive anything.
  • Most IMPORTANTLY, unsuccessful business relationships might affect your mood and behaviour. You might experience stress, anxiety, negativity, insecurity, uncertainty, etc. It might influence your behaviour, and you may end up doubting everyone around you including YOURSELF.
You need a solution that will reward you with money, peace, and satisfaction, not headache and nightmares.
You probably need a team that helps you to develop a digital product that is…
  • Simple
    Easy to use
    Beautifully Crafted
    And Users love it.
But, I guess that’s not enough

You want somebody who asks questions, suggests ways to improve your apps and tries to understand YOU, your vision(or helps you achieve your goals or dreams), and the value of your app or product.

You’re looking for a team who knows that your time is limited and knows how to use it wisely to build a high-quality product.

Canopas understands these issues and knows how to handle them. So, you don't have to.
With canopas, you will have everything you need under one roof.
We research to understand the vision. The audience. The product. The goals. We collaborate, we re-examine, we ask and conclude.
Working passionately with you, our designers create aesthetically pleasing and user friendly digital experiences.
Backend and Frontend. From the beginning, we have performance and maintainability in mind. Always insisting on best practices and keeping up with the latest trends.
From organic growth to writing irresistible ads for your marketing campaign, we're here to help you. We'll help you build a brand and community of prospects who can give you a boost on your product launch.
From bug fixing to feature updates, you can count on us. For the last 7 years, our clients had a 99.87% uptime for their products.
Success stories of people like you.
Canopas has been nothing but wonderful on this project. His communication and ability to advise on the best solutions throughout the project were top-notch. I have very much enjoyed working with Darpan and his team and would surely recommend them to anyone looking for a solid developer.
Marcus L.
Canopas team was also incredibly kind and always willing tosolve any problem through research something that we highly appreciate. Many people do not take the time to understand a problem but Canopas did it every time and found a way to fix it. They even thought about the User Experience and the design which not many engineers think about.
Jake N.
There is not enough space to say all the wonderful things I would want to share about Canopas. They are incredibly helpful, stay calm even when we had to deal with tough issues on our app, and always found a way to help us fix whatever was needed or roll out any new features for our app in both the iOS and Android stores. I will absolutely find a way to work with Canopas again!
Lisa W.
This is our favorite expert for all mobile and web developing areas. Darpan has a great team who get the job done above our expectations. We would like to hire Canopas for more projects in the future and highly recommend their kind and professional services.
Maor T.
Canopas has been great to work with. From day 1, they made sure they understood exactly what I wanted and advised and guided me during the process (with patience). This project has ended, but I am sure to work with them again on other projects. I would recommend their services.
Ramsis A.
We say our products are amazing but user reviews confirm it.
It's smooth, I love, cheers to the team behind it.
The best Moroccan app I have ever seen, clean work.. cheers to developers 🤙
Elegant , splendid well designed app.
I am surprised by how good this app is !! I love it.
The app is well designed, giving a very pleasing and smooth User Experience. Bravo!
Perfect design, love how classy they made it
Slick and elegant.Nice user interface and great content.
Thank you, developers, for this amazing app experience.
Impeccable app. Great user experience.
The app has made incredible changes, I had it since the beginning, always improving !!!
Do we have a team with the right skills?
Well, at least the community says Hell Yeah.
Our blogs hosted on medium have 100k+ minutes monthly reading time and it’s only rising.
We are
here to
contribute and that starts with the site itself,
Canopas is open source! We also have several projects that are widely recognized in the open source community.
How do you know we’re a good fit for you?
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  • It gives an opportunity to learn more about each other.
  • We want to give you a chance to put your idea into action. You might have faced this situation before where you wish you had someone to help you.
  • Sometimes, you want to check the feasibility of your idea. We will give you honest feedback based on our industry experience.
  • We offer 100% Money-back guarantee. so, there’s no risk to you.
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