The best photo editor and slideshow maker app for your life's occasions.
The Problem
Togness - A client was on a mission to salvage their idea. Initially, they hired a team and all went well, at least for a while! When faced with challenges, the team that said they didn't had the development skills to complete the app as initially agreed upon. That's when we came into the picture. We started with client to fix a few issues to demonstrate our capability. Later, once the client was satisfied, full project was handed over to us. The client wanted to develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms.
The Solution
We started with the complex issue that the previous team was unable to achieve. Once the android development was well underway, we started iOS. As a team, we also helped the client with REST API, admin panel, and DevOps services. Some of the main features of the app are: use a photo gallery to add media files, merge images and videos, add quotes, add music, merge audio of video and music, apply filters, apply transitions effect, export in different aspect ratios, customize photo slide durations, etc.
Music tracks in four different lengths to match the story.
Overview of the app that shows multiple features.
Togness : One app for all your life's occasions
What's the outcome of the project?
We have only just launched, so unable to provide metrics but it works and works really well. Any issues are rectified quickly.

What I found most impressive or unique about Canopas is that there was rarely ever a second explanation needed. Even if we struggled to explain technically what we wanted, they understood the first time. This proved they knew exactly what they were doing. Very reassuring!
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