7 signs you give up too early

Try Harder and never give up...
Dec 28 2021 · 4 min read

Struggle for your art. Die for your art. But you can never ever give up on your art!

You’re losing the game only when you decide to leave!

We underestimate ourselves too much, unknowing that we are very close to our goal. Let’s see the result of not giving up using the story.

Once upon a time, there was a king in Scotland. His name was Robert Bruce. He fought many battles.

He was defeated by another king once. He ran away from the battlefield. He hides in a cave with the thought of never fighting a battle again.

While he was sitting in a cave, he saw a spider in that cave. It was trying to reach the roof of the cave. It failed again and again. After every fall, the spider tried again. It did not lose hope and kept trying. The spider finally reached its web in the seventh attempt.

The spider taught King Bruce a good lesson. It filled him with new hope and courage. He left the cave and gathered his forces.

This time he fought bravely and was successful in making his country free. The moral of the story is,

“ Try and try again until you succeed.“

Once you try to make a change or to find a solution to problems in your life, don’t give up if the first solution doesn’t work. Try something else and if that doesn’t work, try something else.

Perseverance is the key to success in any field. If you fail at the first attempt, go for a second one. Because this time you have the previous experience with you.

So try anything that you can think of, no matter how little you believe that it will work. Any attempt to escape the shock, even if it fails, is better than no attempt.


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel…

7 signs that you’re giving up without enough effort

Assuming instead of asking

When we don’t know about something, we avoid asking about it to the responsible person or even don’t try to know it in depth.

Many times to save time or due to laziness, we assume things instead of clarifying them. which leads to difficult situations.

We want to fulfill the need, without knowing its core business values. That shows that we are not wanting to go deep, we want that the “khul ja sim sim” to happen and do our task in a minute or two.

“ If you don’t give up on something you believe in, you will find a way “

Seeking Immediate Gratification

It’s clear that humans are, to at least some extent, driven by the desire to experience pleasure.

It’s so obvious that we always want things that should come to us with the greatest satisfaction in the meantime. The tendency to see pleasure and avoid pain sits at the heart of immediate gratification.

Individuals, who want instant gratification often pull the plug before their try terminus! It could stem from the fear of losing or the mindset of cashing out early.

Making Excuses and shifting Blames

Things always don’t go in the way we thought, it goes wrong, we make mistakes, and accidents happen. Life isn’t a straight line.

Tons of people walk out without a care in the world and take on the challenge of life. But, some people compare themselves with others every time. They think that I can skip the difficult task, as others are doing it already.

Don’t do something because “everyone else” appears to be doing it. That’s dumb. Think about what you lost/gain from making the decision.

Tell yourself that, I need three more months to do it and I would have a master’s forever. I have no idea what the future holds and that title will make a difference…

There comes a time when we make another person or system responsible as our blocker. It’s not because they are, but because we’re avoiding interacting with it.

Not caring about quality work

Many times we take our work too lightly, and we don’t follow defined best practices of that task/strategy. At last, all we get is a low-quality product as a result of hundreds of hours!

As a solution, Make sure to have trusted people around you and be completely honest when they see your work suffer.

Listen to their advice, which could be “Take a break”, “do something else for a few days” or “Let’s sit back and discuss where are you stuck”.

Becoming over-involved in one task can blind you to obvious flaws. Step away, and get a second opinion.

Skipping the task as less important, rather than discussing it with pride

We avoid discussion about the task that we feel we won’t be able to finish or don’t want to do it willingly with the people in the above team chain. If we discuss it with them, we don’t discuss it thoroughly, they want us to do that though.
As a solution, we should always try to make the picture clear about what’s the state of a particular project exactly and at which point we get stuck. So they can mentor us with an appropriate solution to the problem.

Seeing opportunity as a burden rather than a chance

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Whenever an opportunity knocks on our door, we convince ourselves with underestimations like,

I have never come across a project like this, I’m a newbie to this platform, so it will be difficult for me to

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come to you, instead, take a moment and then make it perfect.

Not valuing time

Life isn’t finding shelter in the storm, It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

When starting anything new, we are super excited about it for a few days. After completion of the initial phase, when the scope is started to become apparent, we underestimated the must-have practice.

We put a block to the road thinking that I would do it later, At that later we will again move it to another later. Sometimes we try to focus on unnecessary work, apart from important ones. That drains our attention from the most important (life goal) work.

At that time we forget that we have limited time and it won’t be returned if goes once!

To overcome it, you can be rude to yourself even!

nidhi-d image
Nidhi Davra
Web developer@canopas | Gravitated towards Web | Eager to assist

nidhi-d image
Nidhi Davra
Web developer@canopas | Gravitated towards Web | Eager to assist

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